The V Method is a systematic blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary techniques, curated specifically for women’s wellness. Tap into a powerful set of modern practices and rituals to heal, nourish and invigorate your vital energy.

The V Method


We are all sacred and beautiful in our own unique, multidimensional way. Learning to love and embrace all aspects of yourself can be transformative to your life and relationships. The more you close off parts of yourself or judge yourself harshly, the more this damages your well-being. 

The V Method helps you overcome this and develop a more fluid, compassionate view of yourself while equipping you with a system to bring more self-nourishment to your life.


Feeling stressed and overwhelmed is normal in today’s culture. When you're constantly under stress it affects your sleep, your mood, your energy, your weight and your hormones. Gradually your health can deteriorate along with your ability to experience pleasure.

The V Method helps you release youreself from this cycle, and as you build your connection with your body, to find your way naturally back to health and balance.


In many ancient cultures women were revered as goddesses. We believe every woman has the potential to cultivate her goddess nature. When you are able to draw on this energy and power it can be a potent catalyst for change at any stage of your life.

The V Method gives you the practical tools and practices to cultivate, collect and direct this energy and to expand your resilience, intuition, sexual confidence and creativity.