Bespoke Services

We offer events and coaching via Skype or in person.



Our events are unique every time. We offer a whole new take on Hen parties, birthdays and other celebrations delivering a customized blend of The V Method practices to your door or venue with:

  • Sensuous movement sequences that draw from tantric yoga and erotic dancing for a powerful energy surge.
  • Creativity sessions to open your mind and unlock your imagination.
  • Erotic experiencing workshops to awaken you fully to the pleasure of the present moment.

Sensuous and nourishing, the V Method catering packages feature aphrodisiacs and feel-good nutrients and organic herbal cocktails.  

1-on-1 coaching

We all deserve to feel our best. Your physical, emotional, mental and sexual well-being is vital.

Yet any number of occurrences in our lives can cause us to lose touch with ourselves as vibrant sensual beings. This can manifest in any number of ways from depression or anxiety, to fear of intimacy or physical ill-health. 

As part of our confidential 1-on-1 coaching we will take a full holistic view of your health and well-being.