Our story



The V Method was founded by Natalie Cristal Morrison, a wellness coach whose aim is to help others enhance their well-being via mind, body, spirit and sexuality. She is a certified yoga teacher, mindfulness facilitator, Personal Trainer and NLP Practitioner. 

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As part of her own wellness practices she has come to realise that many of her big decisions in her early adult life came from a lack of real connection with her authentic nature. This sent her body, mind, and sexual energy out of sync and impacted her subsequent choices.

She built a successful corporate career which she increasingly found did not offer her the fulfillment she craved. In her personal life those same misguided motivations also led her towards choices that ultimately did not serve her well. Disillusioned, she restarted her yoga and creative practice and over time began to realise that she wanted to help others find greater wellness and empowerment.

She retrained as a vinyasa and yin yoga teacher, mindfulness guide, Personal Trainer, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Practitioner, Life and Health Coach. She studied with world-renowned teachers of intuitive practices from the ancient style of Kundalini yoga with Gurmukh or mindfulness with Michael Stone to contemporary practices such as Tara Stiles' Strala yoga. She learned to listen to her body and to find greater compassion for herself and others.

However it was evident that despite all this, stress, hormonal fluctuations, relationship issues and even her healthy diet were causing her to feel disconnected from her sexuality. She began to investigate what could help, to look for some modality that would combine the wisdom of ancient practices with the scientific insights of today, something the spans all aspects of our contemporary lifestyle. She could not find it, hence she created The V Method.