The V Method is a women's wellness system based around the innate power within you. It weaves together the most effective aspects of modern and ancient philosophies, techniques and practices in a way that's intuitive and easy to incorporate into your day. Your sensuality is a energetic force which affects your mental, emotional and physical health and well-being. The V Method helps you nurture and grow that force.



The V Method is built around three pillars, each of which provides its own unique way of cultivating your well-being.



We are all sacred and beautiful in our own unique, multidimensional way. Learning to love and embrace all aspects of yourself can be transformative to your life and relationships. Many of us have parts of ourselves we don't like, or a harsh, critical voice which damages our well=being and holds us back. The V Method helps you overcome this and develop a fluid view of yourself. Embrace practices include:

Emotional release techniques

Erotic experiencing

Heart mapping

Energy healing and touch

Gratitude meditations

Embracing a healing lifestyle

Love cultivation meditations

Creative expression


Life can be crazy. You may have already noticed how feeling overwhelmed can cause anxiety, impact your sleep, your physical health and your ability to experience pleasure and joy. The V Method helps you regain a sense of control and connection with body. You become more alive to sensation and aware of the present moment and to find your way naturally back to health and balance. Embody practices include:

Mindful movement

Body sensing

Chakra meditations and spinal health

Releasing muscular and fascial tension

Cultivating energy

Relaxation techniques

Lucid dreaming



In many ancient cultures women were revered as goddesses. We believe every woman has the potential to cultivate her goddess nature. When you are able to draw on this energy and power it can be a potent catalyst for change at any stage of your life. The V Method aims to cultivate, collect and direct this energy to expand your resilience, intuition and sexual confidence. Empower practices include: 

Energy-based movement

Environmental energetics

Vocal sounding and breath meditations

Visualisation and manifestation

Cultivating self-awareness and resilience

Overcoming fears

Identifying and channeling anger